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Orientation: the most authoritative legal translation service provider

· As a niche area of modern legal services, legal translation is featured with

great difficulty, high intensity and massive functionality. It is regarded as the

top-notch work of written translation.

· Translators in legal translation are expected to have profound knowledge in

both law and foreign language, also, they are supposed to have deep understanding

of legal industry as well as the ability to differentiate and analyze the words.

· Legal translation is the pulse of economic development, which reflects the new

direction and rhythm of the economic development. It is the pursuit of top law firm
and renowned enterprises to have top-notch legal translation service.

· ‘Professional Qidu Benefits Great Clients’ is the vivid description of Qidu’s work,

Qidu is readily to join hands with high-end clients to be the most authoritative legal

translation expert.
Development tracks

Qidu has been shouldering the   missionfor the communication between Chinese law and foreign law
 ever since its foundation in 2009 As a pioneer in the field of legal translation service   Qidu has been keen on the legal translation  
Qidu has approximate 200 translators (full-time and part-time) with dual background of law and foreign language.
An increasing number of clients, Qidu now has more than 2000 regular clients.  An increasing number of translation volume, Qidu’s translation capacity
increases 50 % year by year  A world-renowned professional reputation, half of  
Qidu’s clients are from former clients’ recommendation

Professional standard for commitment to excellence,  90% clients are willing to re-cooperate with Qidu

20000+ Law followers
40 Listed Companies
10 Top Domestic Law Firms
5000+lawyers and legal counsellors
Our Clients
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Qidu’s vision

To bridge the smooth communication between

Chinese and foreign law for the legal community

To be a foreign-related legal service provider in the
field of legal translation
To promote the academic research of legal translation
by translation practice
To cultivate high-caliber legal translation talents on the
company platform

To establish high-end language brand starting with legal translation

You can be assured by our 10-year brand

After-sales Service

you can enjoy our durable after-sales service at any time

Business Areas
we can take orders online at any time across the nation
Highly Professional Services
we only employ translators with an interdisciplinary background of law and foreign language
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Shenzhen office: R3B Building, Hi-tech Industrial Park, Nanshan District, Shenzhen City
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