Written translation covers all aspects of law, especially in the following three representatives:

Corporate & Business Documents

Such as sale contract, license contract, certificate of authorization, articles of association, legal statement and governmental document, etc.

Investment and Financing Documents

LPA, SA, SPA, SHA, DDR, Term SheetSide Letter.....

Such as LPA, SA, SPA, SHA, DDR, Term sheet and Side Letter, etc.

Patent Documents

Such as patent application document, patent specification letter, patent literature and patent dispute settlement document, etc.

Professional field and Representative documents
Corporation and Investment · Medicine and Health · M&A · Minerals and Natural Resources · Capital Market · Labor and Employment · International Bank and Financing
Anti-dumping, Anti-subsidy and Security · Venture Investment and Private Equity · Antitrust and Competition Law· Asset Securitization and Structure Financing· Aviation and Spaceflight· Aircraft and Ship Financing/Leasing · Insurance · Cross-border Investment ·
Maritime and Admiralty·Disposition of Non-performing Asset · Taxation · Compliance and Risk Management · Bankruptcy and Liquidation · Construction Engineering and Real Estate · Arbitration · Project Financing and Construction · Litigation · Intellectual Property Right

One core language, multiple preponderant languages, and numerous advantageous minority languages

Core language: English

The translators of the core language possesses both legal and linguistic background, with a quantity that outnumbers any other institutions and thus, enables Qidu to cope with massive and urgent translation projects.

Highlighted languages

Japanese, German,Korean, French, Spanish, etc. The translators from preponderant languages possess high level of expertise but insufficient in quantity, therefore, Qidushall carefully weigh the feasibility of time before undertaking clients’ project.

Numerous advantageous languages

For other various minority language, Qidu will try its upmost to pursue the optimal solution for clients if the minority language translation is urgently needed.

Translation speed

Regular process, 1-2 translators plus 1 proofreader

Source document within 10,000 words, usually takes 3-4 days

Original document within 50,000 words, usually takes 5 days      
Source document between 50,000 and 100,000 words, usually takes 6-7 days
Source documents above 100,000 words, the exact days will be determined as the casemay be

For large project, a ‘Teamwork Mode’ will be adopted, and the speed will be determined on the demand of clients.

For urgent projects, Qidu will initiate the‘Emergency Mode’

Quality-control system
Quality-control is an integrated, crisscross and tridimensional process.
Be acquainted with the special demand of the clients

Be aware of the abilities that we possess

Be well-rounded about the order we take

To match the order with optimal translators

To cohere the order with great attention

To translate in extreme earnest

To proofread word by word

To hold the last pass for the quality of the order

To provide long-lasting post-sale service


Recruitment of the best talents

Assessment with strict standards

Choose staffs with great caution

Construction of terminology base: Consult with clients before the use of terminology base for reference

Promptly and timely payment of remuneration

Confidentiality System

Clients for significant business, which is of great confidentiality

Confidentiality is the way to a long-lasting business, Qidu is always with clients through thick and thin.

Qidu will conduct all-round management of the confidential work, concretely, it includes the following aspects:

Management of staff: be cautious while choosing the staff, select staff with both talent and professional ethics, and sign confidentiality agreements

Management of business: keep to Qidu only, review confidential document to the necessary degreeManagement of document: clients are encouraged to conceal the personal information or information that contain commercial secrets; a document will not be delivered till the concealment of relative information

Management of mind: NDA, constant warning, a clear sense of confidentiality

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After-sales Service

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Business Areas
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Highly Professional Services
we only employ translators with an interdisciplinary background of law and foreign language
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