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Legal English translation 20k-30k
Legal English review 8k-10k
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Teamwork spirit and system

Quantitative assessment

To form a mechanism system like a “sport team”, realize the full potential of individual ability as well as the team support.

Teamwork is not a mere slogan, but the corporate running mechanism. Qidu will strive to build a “sport team” mechanism, including at least the following aspects: Regard score, assistance, defense, organization, strategy analysis and logistics are of importance;Star player is of great importance,teamwork is of greater importance;

A transparent mechanism, however, simplicity precedes optimization

Power is granted to capability, responsibility safeguards power while capability produces benefits;  

Rewards regulation for member’s new certificate

Qidu encourages its member to improve themselves by studying and will provide sufficient time as well as material rewards for those who achieve success.

Promotion regulation

To ensure the promotion space and

promotion channel of the team, Qidu constructs mechanism and provides resources.

Profit-sharing Salary System

To achieve the joint development of Qidu and its member, the wage system of all posts shall be increased correspondingly with the growth of corporate profit and development.

Training and Assessment System

Training of corporate value

Training of corporate rules

Training of personal skill

Relationship  with translators

Part-time translators are part of Qidu, Qidu is willing to assist them in solving all sort of problems at the best capacity and makes everyone feel a sense of belonging.

Qidu’s benefits
1.Issue valid certificates, including certificate of work, certificate of income,certificate of social security, etc.
2.Provide convenience for translators who need social security benefit.
3.Provide new post information to translators in lawyers, legal counselors, risk management, investment bank and fund institution.
4.Provide translators with reference or recommendation for job-search and overseas study
5.Provide translators with authorized document template and other possible materials 6.Share industry information with part-time translators
7.Provide temporary work facility for part-time translators if necessary.
8.Provide other convenience
1.As a professional legal translation institution, Qidu carry out cooperation withtranslators in an appreciative and equal manner.
2.Qidu always timely and sufficiently pays remunerations to translators since itsestablishment 8 years ago.
3.Qidu never deducts wages of any translators because of clients’ complaint or anyother reasons.
4.Qidu never has any disputes with translators and always carries on long-term amicable cooperation andcommunication since its establishment 8 years ago.
5.Qidu is always there to help translators with their problems whether in work or life to the best of its capability since its establishment 8 years ago.
6.Qidu becomes friends with all the translators whether full-time or part-time sinceits establishment 8 years ago.
Qidu’s strength
Qidu group

Qidu promotes the corporate culture of ‘teamwork, simplicity and hardworking’, part-time translators are also part of the Qidu group, Qidu is willing to develop and share the fruit of success with every member.

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